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Silent Screams Highlight “Knockout Performance” by Mara Reinstein

In response to Mara Reinstein’s 361‑word review of Gravity on Us Weekly

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No one can hear you scream while reading the latest from Mara Reinstein, “Gravity Movie Review: Sandra Bullock Gives Knockout Performance.” The critic appears to offer a potentially mind-blowing trip through unknown review territory but sends you home before you can get your space gear on.

Knockout Performance is a tease and audiences will demand more. After such a lengthy title, one will surely expect a vast mind trip of a review, however Reinstein refuses to breathe life into the reading experience.

The open of Knockout Performance is exciting, and will undoubtedly make one’s fingers tense with anticipation. The critic entices the reader with bold words, however fades away quickly, which will shock and confuse.

Content is the weak spot of Knockout Performance. A review can be effective with a few amazingly detailed paragraphs, but Reinstein fails to communicate in detail why one may enjoy the experience. There is little information to separate Knockout Performance from the common review, and the critic only briefly notes the director and puzzlingly chooses not to investigate the techniques used in the film.

Knockout Performance feels rushed and will make one feel that they are being pushed out the door with a smile, rather than being embraced and welcomed inside.     

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