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Scott Nash’s “Nebraska” Is a “What We Learn” Review

In response to Scott Nash’s 1049‑word review of Nebraska on Three Movie Buffs

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Scott Nash and his reviewing partner in crime, Scott, produce an enjoyable read with “Nebraska,” however they spend more time describing the action with “what we learn” statements rather than analyzing.

Nebraska is a review that takes the term literally. The review connoisseur isn’t looking for a play-by-play of the action or basic thoughts on the characters and performances. The “conno” desires critique, just like the typical reader does when searching out film reviews.

Patrick’s section of Nebraska is satisfactory, but he definitely didn’t need to reference the ending at the conclusion of his first paragraph. Let the audience have that moment. The commentary on director Alexander Payne essentially lets one know that he offers an honest portrait of Nebraska since he is from there.

Both Patrick and Scott acknowledge the actual performance of Will Forte with detail in Nebraska, but when it comes to Bruce Dern they simply transition into the character of Woody without breaking down the actor’s work. The use of “cantankerous” may not upset the average reader, but it has become the go-to word for critics. Everybody else is doing it, right?

Scott’s opening paragraph of Nebraska is plain weird. The critic offers statements such as “we learn what we learn about him from the mouths of others and their reactions to him.” The style is choppy and the critic doesn’t seem to understand that describing what the character of Woody does is not the same as explaining why Bruce Dern is deserving of an Oscar nomination.

Nebraska is just average across the board.    

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