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Matthew Turner’s “Thor: The Dark World (12A)” Really Turns Heads

In response to Matthew Turner’s 491‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on ViewLondon

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Matthew Turner’s “Thor: The Dark World (12A)” is a short snippet of proper organization. The layout in this review is extremely reader friendly. The rather uncommon sections, “What’s it all about,” “The Good,” “The Great,” and “Is it Worth Seeing” make this piece cohesive and entertaining. These multiple sections make it simple to see the positive opinion of the reviewer at a short glance, rapidly scan through different aspects of the films, and overall is easy on the eyes.

 For such a short piece, Turner really packs in all the information he thinks necessary. The feeling in “What’s it all about” is that the reader is leaving the review very informed about the entire plot line of the film, even up to the cinematic climax. Turner is clever with his conclusion by including a rhetorical question to give the reader a sense of wonder at the conclusion of this section.

The sequential sections branch into specific qualities of the film. The acting, the directing, the writing, all included in Turner’s high praise for the film.

Turner’s points are valid and continues his review with a rather witty tone, throwing in puns and then apologizing for them to make the reader give a real laugh.

This review keeps it’s readers entertained and informed, definitely worth the read.    

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