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Jason Zingle’s “Wall Street” Is Brought to You by Ford, Fiat, Pandora. .

In response to Jason Zingale’s 652‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on

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There’s a fairly decent review by Jason Zingale called “Movie Review: “The Wolf of Wall Street“ at

Unfortunately, there are so many irritating ads in, around, and on top of it, that it takes an act of God and the patience of Job to read it. Scrolling through it, at what feels like glacial speeds (thanks to ads loading in every nook and cranny), you’re bombarded by videos flying in from every corner, banners flashing their BS, and more links than you can shake a dollar bill at.  

Yes, none of this is Jason Zingale’s fault and is probably, in fact, a sign of the lengths websites must go to these days to be economically viable. Still, it’s excessive and it’s guaranteed to effect your enjoyment of the article.

Now, Movie Review: The Wolf may not be Pulitzer material, but it does do just enough to warrant a read.

The writing is fairly formulaic and struggles with clarity and flow at times, but it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of the critiques, which are thorough enough to offer a modicum of insight, though most aren’t much more than superficial observations that you’ve read before.

This is a second or third tier piece that’s worth a read if you’ve read all the greats already.    

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