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Stephen Witty Is a Modern Sinatra in “Review: Cosmic Thrills”

In response to Stephen Whitty’s 581‑word review of Gravity on Newark Star-Ledger

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Stephen Witty razzles and dazzles in “Gravity review: Bullock, Clooney and cosmic thrills.” The critic offers a fresh take that will please and stimulate the mind.

Witty has been known to be fond of film references, and he delivers once again in Review: Cosmic Thrills by providing several in the open. However, the critic successfully executes the move by acknowledging the past work of the director and sticking to the point. Witty is effective in hooking the reader, and primes one for a journey that will tantalize the senses.

Review: Cosmic Thrills is not only highly entertaining, but also enlightening. Witty is a terrific writer and displays an amazing talent to slow down and pick up again with his words. The content is original and presented is a fresh way that will appeal to all ages.  

The commentary on themes of the film will spark debate, and the reader will certainly call their best friend and say, “Hey, let me tell about the Whitty review.” It’s that good.

Review: Cosmic Thrills has exquisite character analysis without being overbearing, and communicates the various cinematic concepts used by the director. Whitty’s take is not in-depth by any means, but the intellect of his writing is sufficient enough to convey the general idea.

Stephen Witty has crafted a dazzling piece of art with Review: Cosmic Thrills and it is essential reading.    

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