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Peter Canavese’s “The World’s End” Falls Flat on Its Face

In response to Peter Canavese’s 494‑word review of The World's End on Groucho Reviews

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Peter Canavese’s review, “The World’s End” exists somewhere in between that first and second beer on a pub crawl. Yes, it’s pleasant enough, but you know there’s something missing and you know you’ll need more to fully satiate yourself.

And Canavese’s The World’s End is absolutely missing something. Namely, a critique. Canavese commits the cardinal sin of film review; he forgets to review the film. His assessment reads more like a synopsis of the main characters’ psychological journeys than an evaluation of the film itself and that’s a shame.

Canavese clearly likes the film (he gave it 3 1/2 stars) but he does little to tell the reader why, which is an unforgivable gaffe when your main job as a critic is to tell the reader why he or she should or should not watch something.

The writing itself is fine. It moves deftly from paragraph to paragraph, and Canavese even offers some original insights, just not the kind that belong in a work of criticism.

Spare yourself this bland “cuppa” (for the uninitiated, that’s a British cup of tea) and go straight for the stronger stuff.   

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