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Katey Rich Provides the Basics in “Counselor-First Look Review”

In response to Katey Rich’s 623‑word review of The Counselor on Guardian [UK]

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Katey Rich offers up the basics with her latest, “The Counselor—first look review,” but there is nothing to set it apart from the rest. The critic provides all the essentials, however the lack of substantial critique will guide readers elsewhere.

Counselor-first look is highlighted by excellent writing, but one will be disappointed by Rich’s unnecessary plot reveal about Cameron Diaz. It’s a curious tactic from the critic, and doesn’t show a deep understanding of the audience. One who has seen the film may find the reveal insignificant, but it takes away from the reader’s experience, especially in a review with such thin commentary.

Rich opens with a lengthy introductory paragraph which provides a clear statement and even some intriguing content on the filming locations. Unfortunately, things will only get worse for the reader just like so many Cormac McCarthy characters.

Counselor-first look devotes a paragraph to Malkina (Cameron Diaz), which loses impact after the reveal. Who are the other characters? What is the title character all about? Rich doesn’t really say, and offers vague statements throughout. The critic briefly examines the work of director Ridley Scott, and suddenly the review is over.

Counselor-first look offers some analysis, which is to be expected, but ultimately is a slightly disappointing bore.    

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