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Mark Dujsik Looks After Juliet in “ROMEO and JULIET”

In response to Mark Dujsik’s 855‑word review of Romeo and Juliet on Mark Reviews Movies

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Mark Dujsik explores options for the young Juliet in his latest study “Mark Reviews Movies: ROMEO AND JULIET.”

The visuals of Movies: ROMEO aren’t exactly fair Verona, and could be improved with a still or two from the film. The poster image is indeed  a nice touch, however one may be frustrated by the untapped potential of Dujsik’s website.

Movies: ROMEO is an exciting and inventive piece of work. Dujsik takes an original approach in the opening by examining the choices of young Juliet, which ultimately leads to a thought-provoking question posed to the reader. The suspense is unbelievable, and the critic may have changed the game with his honest and personal technique.

Dujsik is fair with his commentary, and realizes that the power of the story is ultimately about emotion. One can undoubtedly understand the power of love, but also appreciate the piercing questions by Dujsik at the same time.

Dujsik transitions to character analysis with a fine commentary on the performance of Paul Giamatti. The critic notes the acting prowess of the character actor, but also breaks down the performance and correlates it to the overall success of the plot. Audiences will be floored by the insight, and approach their viewing with a curious mind.  

The structure of Movies: ROMEO is a bit loose in places, but there are times when you let an artist  be free to explore new territories.

Movies: ROMEO is a mounting success for its unique style, personal touch and ability to reach the audience with visionary analysis.    

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