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Gary Wolcott’s “Not a Good End” Is a Beautifully Bad Review

In response to Gary Wolcott’s 353‑word review of Ender’s Game on Tri-City Herald

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There is a big statement at the beginning of Gary Wolcott’s “Ender’s Game: Not a good end”, and one may prepare for an epic review. Unfortunately the critic appears to have written for a only few minutes before abruptly ending the review.

Wolcott’s style and content in Not a good end is a pleasant surprise based on the horrific nature of recent works, however it is still quite bad. The critic offers some humor at the beginning, which is a great start, but then transitions to his bold statement: “This is a shallow, half-hearted attempt to capitalize on the success of a popular novel.” The problem with the argument is that Wolcott says almost nothing to back up the first half of the statement. As for the second—of course the film is trying to capitalize. One must be aware that Wolcott has not read the book (which is fine).

After the big statement in Not a good end, Wolcott summarizes the plot and praises the acting. Although the analysis is thin, one will tip their hat to the critic and eagerly await the appearance of critique. It doesn’t happen. Lights out. Go on home.

Gary Wolcott makes an effort in Not a good end, but sadly the effort is just too weak to register.    

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