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Graham Young’s “Escape Plan” Is Good, but Not Great

In response to Graham Young’s 267‑word review of Escape Plan on Birmingham Mail

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For a critic, a film like Escape Plan is the equivalent of a beach ball pitched underhand; if you don’t knock this one out of the park, something is wrong. The jokes almost write themselves and the critique needs only to cover the most basic of plots. It doesn’t call for high-minded ruminations about the nature of our existence.

So, with the bar set so low for critics, the result should exceed expectations. Unfortunately, Graham Young’s “Movie Review: Escape Plan” doesn’t exactly hit this one out of the park (or over the boundary as they would say in his native Birmingham, UK).

It’s not that it’s bad. Young hits the right notes; he makes the requisite reference to the stars’ ages, gives readers a brief synopsis, and offers some critique. But it’s all very middle of the road and the piece as a whole never quite meets the sum of its parts. An abrupt ending will leave readers scrolling for the rest of the article.

There are some gems. Young gives Sly’s job description in the movie as a “mystery shopper with a death wish” and retitles the film “Pension Plan” and if this is your only review, you’ll be fine, but others have hit this one better.    

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