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Andrey O’Hehir’s “Red-State Odyssey” Triumphs Over Formulaic Reviews

In response to Andrew O'Hehir’s 1456‑word review of Nebraska on

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Andrew O’Hehir produces a classy composition in the lengthy and thoughtful “Pick of the week: Bruce Dern’s red-state odyssey.”

Red-State Odyssey is impressive simply for the effort and dedication of O’Hehir. It’s an original piece of art that explores the ties that bind family together and the rural communities of the Midwest. One will pleased by the critic’s musings on the perceived dissonance of Payne’s conflict and harmony, and also the focus on what the true intentions of the director might be.

O’Hehir offers an exquisite commentary on the performance of Bruce Dern in Red-State Odyssey. One will experience a massive amount of thought bombs as the critic details the specifics of the acting and drives home his points by referencing various scenes.

Perhaps the major flaw of Red-State Odyssey is O’Hehir’s failure to address the performance of Will Forte. The critic praises the co-star in the introduction and conclusion, but never says anything of importance in the body of the work.

Overall, Red-State Odyssey has a fine structure, and the piece feels more like an experience rather than a tightly composed critique. The words of O’Hehir take the reader many places, but the second-half of the review consists mainly of plot summary until the final outstanding paragraph.

Red-State Odyssey is essential reading. O’Hehir composes a fantastic work, and it’s easy to get lost in small details when there is so much to enjoy.    

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