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Jordan Farley’s Review of “Catching Fire” Is a Long, Worthwhile Ride

In response to Jordan Farley’s 836‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on SFX Magazine

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Jordan Farley’s “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review,” like the movie it’s reviewing, is worthwhile but a bit too long. His analysis is articulate and intelligent but there’s little reason for his piece to be two pages—perhaps other than for to fit more banner ads. That, however, was most likely beyond Farley’s control and certainly doesn’t detract from the substance of his review.

He clearly has bought into the fun of what he terms the movie’s “brazenly silly” premise; Indeed, he chides one actor for not going silly enough with his character.

In keeping with its author’s not-silly-enough thesis, the review has a still from the film featuring a woman in a funky purple feather-dress that looks like the winning design from a Project Runway avant-garde design challenge as if to say “that’s how you do it!”

Farley’s tone is a tad superior but he is not so far above the source material that he can’t offer thoughtful criticism—and praise. Catching Fire Review is a positive one, and Farley’s take on it is thought provoking.

Farley will remind readers of that brilliant, artsy friend of theirs (or remind them perhaps of themselves) who enjoys pop culture all the while knowing it’s largely ridiculous.    

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