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Cameron Meier Whines and References Coen Bros in “Make the Trip”

In response to Cameron Meier’s 512‑word review of Nebraska on Orlando Weekly

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Aww…someone didn’t like Nebraska. Cameron Meier is too busy whining in “Nebraska: don’t make the trip,” to actually produce any evidence to backup his argument.

You know what happens when a critic doesn’t enjoy a film? It’s reference time, y‘all! Check it. David Lynch reference. Coen Brothers reference. Political reference. Oh, and Meier manages to make the lazy and ignorant statement of “call it the Midwest version of No Country for Old Men.” Really?

Meier simply doesn’t produce enough critique in Make The Trip to be taken seriously. The opening paragraph is a mini version of Alexander Payne 101, but all it leads to is the critic’s belief that Nebraska isn’t a good film. There is absolutely no sense of analytical backup.

The critic states that Bruce Dern “can’t quite get a handle on Woody,” but he manages to acknowledge the actor’s  success at Cannes. Why can’t Dern get a handle on Woody? Meier refuses to expand, and also fails to offer anything when complaining about Will Forte who “is also miscast.” Enjoy the deep critique, reader.

The problem with Make The Trip is Meier’s lack of vision. He’s perfectly content with referencing David Lynch, the Coen Brothers and even Mitt Romney—but where’s the analysis?

Make The Trip is a late entry for WhineFest 2013.    

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