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Matt Pais’ “Kick-Ass 2’ Review: Who’s Laughing Now?” Is a Groaner

In response to Matt Pais’s 454‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on RedEye,0,7832240.column

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Matt Pais’ “‘Kick-Ass 2’ review: Who’s laughing now?” is a jokeless review. Jim Carrey is pilloried for making bad movies, and that failure is used to challenge his disdain for being in the film.

Pais then fails to build on a weak argument: real life violence doesn’t mean you can’t make action films, just so long as you don’t smirk when you’re doing it. Such simplistic reasoning stains the entire work. Through such a lens, Pais unpacks the films many flaws, lazy writing, awful violence, and the firm conviction that Pais’ view of fictional violence and morality is beyond reproach when discussing art.

It’s a tedious a affair. Even when the film works, it’s explained away as a happy accident. “Crass and affected” are the dual branding irons pushed into the soft flesh of the film’s many failings. Pais is also astounded that an ultra violent comic book film doesn’t deal with the real life consequences of people killing each other. “Will superheroes never learn?,” Pais wonders. These are such broad strokes that readers will never feel truly engaged with either the review or the movie it purports to analyze 

Equal parts moralizing and tedious, Pais has the decency to end the review quickly. Brevity may not be the soul of wit, here, but it is a tender mercy nonetheless.    

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