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“Escape Plan” by Radheyan Simonpillai Throws Critique Out the Window

In response to Radheyan Simonpillai’s 325‑word review of Escape Plan on NOW Toronto

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Radheyan Simonpillai’s writing is clearly the highlight of his latest work, “Escape Plan,” since the concept of criticism goes out the window.

Simonpillai’s Escape Plan is the latest review to rely on cliches instead of providing an actual comprehensive review. There is absolutely nothing wrong with noting the glory days of the two actors, but to rely on the theme as a “critique” is troubling and shows little respect for the audience. What is the film all about? Sadly, the reader has nothing to learn from Simonpillai’s work.

Simonpillai’s Escape Plan is certainly not a horrible review, however for the critic to only briefly touch on the basics of a film will not please the reader. One expects to find analysis, and not be surprised by the appearance of it. The general tone of the review will lead one to be surprised once the critic says something useful.

Simonpillai seems to believe that since he didn’t like the film, then the reader doesn’t deserve to know the basics. He gives the film short shrift, ignoring key elements such as who directed it. It gives the whole work a feeling of complacency and disinterest.

Simonpillai’s Escape Plan lives in the past, and fails to look beyond all the cliches that one will certainly expect to find.    

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