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“Prisoners” Review by Nigel Andrews Is Magnificent Joke Fail

In response to Nigel Andrews’s 185‑word review of Prisoners on Financial Times

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The comedic brilliance (or perceived brilliance) of Nigel Andrews is on display in the disastrous review that is “Film reviews: Blue Jasmine, Prisoners, Greedy Lying Bastards, Hannah Arendt and Runner Runner.”

Reader Alert: There is a thief on the loose who has stolen your time. The so-called “review“of Nigel Andrews is a disguise to offer comedy by parading as the transcript of an old-timey radio drama.

Prisoners will unfortunately make someone laugh. If you buy the joke as whole then you can chuckle and move on to a legitimate review that actually means something. The conceptual approach taken by the critic is messy and poorly crafted. Either stick with the comedy or don’t attempt it. A half measure only wastes the reader’s time.

The premise of the joke is that the film “Prisoners” steals from the film “Zodiac”. Andrews’ material is devastatingly weak for the sole reason that is says little about “Zodiac” making the comparison an inside joke without anyone to get it. This is what is known as a joke fail.  The timing is off, the content is thin and it is over far too quickly.  

Prisoners has potential but Nigel Andrews offers the reader a wafer of joke which ultimately fails with a flawed concept.    

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