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Louise Keller Offers the Keller Concoction for Free in “Ender’s Game”

In response to Louise Keller’s 582‑word review of Ender’s Game on Urban Cinefile

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Buckle up, fans of Louise Keller. The critic has created a sizzler of a review with “Ender’s Game.” Whose game? Keller’s Game (see Run DMC). This is a Louise Keller Joint, and she makes sure to not let her work be associated with weakling reviews.

The film is not a game for the innocent, and Keller makes that clear with the plump and tasty opening paragraph of her Ender’s Game. The words just ooze with style, and one will undoubtedly be mentally stimulated by the excitement in Keller’s writing.

Keller’s Ender’s Game is hot stuff because of the crisp and powerful statements such as “Hood’s superb screenplay quickly sets up the premise” and “Butterfield is perfectly cast.” Does the critic stop there? Heck, no, she doesn’t—Keller lights up the webpage with analysis and  insight that will lead to natural review highs all over the world. It’s called “The Keller Concoction” and it’s both free and legal (for now at least).

Louise Keller maintains a steady keystroke of critique throughout the piece, however one may desire a bit more thought on the supporting cast, specifically Harrison Ford. The final paragraphs are entertaining and informative, but just a little more analysis could have taken the review to the land of epics, which is home to legendary reviews.    

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