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Cooper’s “The World’s End’ (Focus Features)” Determined to Entertain, and Succeeds

In response to Jackie K. Cooper’s 444‑word review of The World's End on

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Jackie K. Cooper’s “The World’s End’ (Focus Features)” doesn’t play games with his readers. There is no fluff to be found in this review. Nay, instead readers are treated to a no-frills, no holds-barred review.

Cooper tackles the film from the get-go. Readers are given an unmistakable thesis in the first paragraph to base the remainder of their reading on. Wishy-washy blabbering is noticeably absent here and is oh-so-appreciated.  

There is a well-executed balance between plot and character breakdown in Cooper’s analysis. But be warned of a glaring spoiler that keeps this review from reaching the ultimate summit of a perfect review, content wise.  

Readers do not have to go on a scavenger hunt to know why Cooper feels the way he does because he lays it all out in front of their eyes. And the best part is that there is no superfluous nonsense to sort through in this concise analysis.

*meta-spoiler alert* Cooper uses film references, but not to decipher the movie’s plot. Instead, he uses movies that an actor was actually in to compare the performance in The World’s End. This tactic gives readers a point of reference that is better than most because it involves the same person in question.

The headline on the page is extraordinarily eye-catching and a clever design that readers are sure to find enjoyable.

This review is tripped up by an unfortunate spoiler but the overall verdict is that readers are in for a refreshing, precise read.    

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