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Henry Fitzherbert’s “Gravity: Review and Trailer” Is Lighthearted Whimsy

In response to Henry Fitzherbert’s 810‑word review of Gravity on Daily Express

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Henry Fitzherbert’s recent “Gravity: review and trailer” doesn’t take itself too seriously. With a few running gags, including a particularly amusing series of cameos by Buzz Lightyear, Fitzherbert injects his lighthearted piece with a good deal of humor.

It helps him skate by some of the more awkward moments of his work, such as when he tells his readers “the less you know about the story the better” only to reveal the main character’s backstory a few sentences later. It’s mostly forgivable errors like these that keep the work from really taking off and leaving a memorable impression on its audience.

There is a lot to like here, Fitzherbert’s sensibilities for storytelling propel the first half at an enjoyably brisk pace. The set up for the film is wonderfully executed though there’s always a sense that, as a reader, you’re coming into the conversation just a few seconds after it started. It’s difficult to pinpoint why that is, but there is something missing from the otherwise serviceable sentences of Fitzherbert.

The wheels kind of come off in the last stretch. Fitzherbert switches to first person singular to get his last few points across without justifying them. Having avoided an Avatar reference for over 750 words, Fitzherbert finally succumbs right before the finish line, and his last line is really just awful.    

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