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David Jenkins’ “Nebraska Review” Is Stylized Sweet Nothings

In response to David Jenkins’s 543‑word review of Nebraska on Little White Lies

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David Jenkins will touch the soul of his readers with alluring prose in “Nebraska review,” however the critique itself is yet another collection of cliches and vague statements.

Although the critic is not entirely to blame (or perhaps he is), the opening of Nebraska Review offers the typical Springsteen reference, along with the “companion piece” comparison with The Descendants. The information is useful, but found in almost every review, which becomes tiresome for the poor audience.

The major flaw of Nebraska Review is Jenkins’s refusal to produce any critique on the lead performances. Bruce Dern won Best Actor at Cannes, however the critic says absolutely nothing about the work of the septuagenarian actor. The same goes for Will Forte. Niente.

Nebraska Review is a stylized plot summary as opposed to a legit critique. The flow of Jenkins’s writing is marvelous, but the content essentially tells the reader what the story is about without addressing the interiors. The elegance of the phrasing will please elderly connoisseurs, but young and hungry readers will find nothing new in the disappointing work.

David Jenkins must be acknowledged for his command of the written word in Nebraska Review, but sadly there is no sense of character or heart in the piece.  

Nebraska Review is a treat of lovers of gentle writing, but let’s hope Jenkins can beef up his content next time around.    

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