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Henry Fitzherbert Is Back as “Fitzy” in “Smaug Review”

In response to Henry Fitzherbert’s 973‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Daily Express

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Fitzy is back! Henry Fitzherbert has rattled off a series of questionable reviews but brings the fire of Smaug to the written word in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug—review and trailer.” Loyal Fitzies will need to dust off the fan club envelopes or perhaps even start a Facebook group.

Smaug Review is a fantastic piece of visual art. One might even need to step back a few feet from their monitor to properly take in the beauty of each image. Fitzherbert has brought his visual game and he has done so in a big way. Winning.

Who doesn’t like a Peter Jackson-Santa metaphor? Nobody. Fitzherbert opens Smaug Review by noting the bearded director’s “bulging sack of celluloid goodies” which will cause some LOTR nerds to tremble with excitement and also perhaps lead the connoisseur to say “well…that’s extreme.” The critic lets his keystrokes run free and properly explains why no one can accuse Jackson of being a “cinematic scrooge” due to his “lavish, rip-roaring adventure.”

Fitzherbert does a solid job of transitioning back and forth from summary to critique in Smaug Review. The writing is full of life and the critic constructs together an amazing read. There are moments when it seems like Fitzy will abandon his analysis, but he soldiers on to provide his readers the goods.

Unfortunately, Smaug Review spirals downwards in the second half as Fitzherbert produces brief lines of criticism  without getting too deep or intellectual. It’s a good review  but could have become essential reading with one or two more paragraphs devoted to pure critique.

Henry Fitzherbert has crafted a fine review with Smaug Review. It’s good to see Fitzy back on his game.    

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