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Putman’s “I Give It a Year (2013)” Delivers the Goods With Grace

In response to Dustin Putman’s 1162‑word review of I Give It a Year on

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In the beginning, Dustin Putman’s review “I Give It a Year” reads as a refreshing review on a film that could have easily been just another romantic comedy dud. Putman’s ability to weave a story about this film’s story is undeniably effective and will leave readers breathless. He gives just enough background on each actor and actress and segues flawlessly into the plot. His take on how director Dan Mazer avoids the cookie-cutter pitfall that so many directors seem to find when attempting a romantic comedy is priceless.

Yet he comes off a bit long-winded as he readdresses his take on the actors and plot and the workings of Mazer. He does however manage to keep his language colorful and worth reading until the very end.

There are moments where Putman gets dangerously close to the spoiler’s edge but he ultimately does manage to avoid divulging too much. Instead, he whets the appetite of his readers by drawing them in with pseudo-spoilers and thereby persuades them to go and find out just what he is talking about by watching this film on their own.

Putman (2013) delivers an easy read, jam-packed with details, a well-rounded review in a tidy, if at times visually jarring, package.    

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