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Laura Clifford’s “The World’s End” Leaves More Questions Than Answers

In response to Laura Clifford’s 665‑word review of The World's End on Reeling Reviews

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Laura Clifford’s “The World’s End” mixes low budget effects with grade school plot construction to produce a review fit for the waste paper basket. The production house, Reeling Reviews, appears to be run by the husband/wife team of Laura and Robin Clifford. The site gives a copyright of 1991, and it doesn’t appear the design has been updated since then (think Geocities).

It’s saving grace is that the reader is not inundated with advertisements as is a common trapping of modern review sites.

The review opens up with a review by Robin Clifford before our feature presentation from Laura Cifford. The female Clifford jumps right in delivering a dry A-to-Z “then this happened” rundown of the plot… never stopping.

The climax is delivered without missing a beat: no warning or awareness.  It’s as if she were providing the Cliff’s Notes necessary to cheat on The World’s End quiz. In the same Cliff’s Notes vein, the critic delves into the larger themes explored in the movie and its context within the society it exists.  It does little to redeem the rest of the review.

I would recommend this review only to people who need reading material to help them fall asleep at night, but then again, the decor of the website may leave one with nightmares.    

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