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Poor Intuition by Jeffrey M. Anderson Sends “In Space” Back to Earth

In response to Jeffrey M. Anderson’s 407‑word review of Gravity on San Francisco Examiner

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Jeffrey M. Anderson delivers  a tale of visuals in “Grace in space,” but fails to back up big opinions with big analysis.

The first sentence of In Space makes a bold statement to the reader, and supports the theory by commenting on the importance placed on the characters.

Unfortunately, In Space offers nothing in regard to character analysis. Anderson continues on in the weekend tradition of reviews by failing to note the significance of George Clooney’s character. The lack of understanding of the audience is upsetting, and the critic must remember that readers demand sufficient information, especially about an actor who is on the movie poster.

The thin amount of information provided on Bullock’s character is problematic after stating the she is worthy of an Oscar nomination.

One doesn’t necessarily require a full background on the leads, but a basic understanding of the characters in In Space would be helpful. Precious time is spent by Anderson detailing how the visuals of director Alfonso Cuaron affect the viewer, but he displays a troubling inability to look beyond and understand the needs of his audience.

In Space is sprinkled with bold statements, but the critic is unable to bolster his opinions with a thoughtful and memorable analysis for the reader.    

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