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“Prisoners” by Robert Roten Is Later-Years Beethoven

In response to Robert Roten’s 673‑word review of Prisoners on Laramie Movie Scope

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The latest work from Robert Roten, “Prisoners”, makes an effort but poor writing and vision weigh the final product down.

The opening statement is a nice touch, but doesn’t make a clear argument to entice the audience. Roten instead references the agony that is prevalent in the film, and moves on to the plot.

The ensuing four paragraphs offer up an average and boring description of the main plot and key players. Roten is keen to the general idea of the film, but fails to interject any type of literary excitement or deeper investigation of the characters.

The next four equally awkward and average paragraphs offer up a tiny bit of insight, but the construction of sentences is like Tommy Callahan from Tommy Boy. The reader may be confused as to what Roten is saying as his words are vague, and difficult to follow. The effort is there, but this composition could have used another set of eyes before reaching the public.

“Prisoners” by Robert Roten has a firm grasp on general themes of the film, but fails to express his ideas with clarity and style. One may also be highly disappointed with his refusal to acknowledge cinematographer Roger Deakins. Overall, this lackluster work fails to visualize the broader picture and provide the reader with a worthwhile experience.    

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