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Kaplan’s Review “Kick-Ass 2” Comes Off as a Bit Too Preachy

In response to David Kaplan’s 290‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Kaplan vs. Kaplan

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Who’s afraid of a little morally objectionable content? Well, obviously David Kaplan is. Watching anybody getting murdered generally is an unpleasant experience but our hero seems to believe that his moral compass was broken upon witnessing the deaths of police officers in his review of Kick Ass 2, titled “KICK-ASS 2“(don’t show this guy any of the Christopher Nolan Batman films).

While the better portion of the review is spent lauding the performances of the leads and lamenting the career tailspin Jim Carrey is experiencing; the rest of the review for the most part sounds too parent-y, and holier than thou. One has to assume that a movie entitled Kick Ass 2 (also Rated R) would probably display a fair amount carnage, so our critic’s sticker shock isn’t really warranted.

A “can be skipped” sticker could easily be placed on this review; simply because it Kaplan does not do a good job of distancing his own biases from that of his audience. In turn he isn’t able to do a good job as a reviewer.

The review also feels half-baked by its own apparent rules. Kaplan vs. Kaplan usually features husband and wife team Jeanne and David giving contrasting and competing reviews, one after the other. For mysterious reasons Jeanne’s segment is not present in KICK making the whole affair even more pointless.    

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