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Ed Whitfield’s “Film Review: Kick-Ass 2” Is a Win-Win Situation

In response to Ed Whitfield’s 503‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on The Ooh Tray

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Ed Whitfield’s “FILM REVIEW: KICK-ASS 2” is a verbal wonderland for readers to enter and leave with a few new thoughts to ponder and vocabulary words to implement into their own lives.

Whitfield’s opening line is worth more than one read-over if only to try to decipher exactly what he is saying. Humor is laced in with expert precision. Whitfield knows exactly when to introduce humor. His timing is impeccable.

This review is perfect for the casual reader or the well-read reader. That is—there is something for everyone. Dry wit meets an accelerated use of language to convey the key points in this review.

There is no doubt as to how Whitfield feels about this movie. He is clever with his thoughts and doesn’t fail to support his points. He uses specific instances from the film, all while managing to not reveal a single spoiler.

Readers will witness the irrefutable fact that Whitfield knows the ins and outs of the movie industry and utilizes various factoids to emphasize his stance. However, some readers may need to do some additional research if they don’t catch on right away.

Whitfield doesn’t waste his time in his review, which in turn does not waste the time of the readers. The page manages to be unique in its field, yet not so flashy as to distract the readers. This review is a win-win situation and readers will be lining up to catch this award-bait of a review.    

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