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Rob Thomas Puts His Heart Into “The Hunger Games: …”

In response to Rob Thomas’s 748‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Madison Movie

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Fortune favors the brave, as Rob Thomas proves in his latest offering, ““The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”: A sequel forever in your favor.”

The author fully believes that his subject lives up to its public perception, and that his investigation into its nuances will ultimately result in a wholly satisfying experience for the reader. His confidence is unshakable and his resolve absolute as he delves into its meaty details. And it is because of this that he reaps the reward he so boldly predicted he would.

Thomas is extremely skilled at conveying feeling with his words. He illustrates the aspects of all supporting elements in intimate detail, and reinforces their legitimacy with relatable analogies in order to bring them to life. It’s as if the reader is in the author’s head, seeing through his eyes. In turn, they gradually become engrossed in the drama and forge an emotional connection to the images they see. Only the most committed of authors can produce this effect. Thus, it is clear that Thomas is fully invested in delivering an amazing experience to the audience.

The factor that almost derails the whole effect is the revelation near the end. It is important in a piece like this to not give away too much, lest the audience be denied the opportunity to draw their own conclusions. Thomas almost does just that by disclosing a crucial plot point, nearly destroying the world he creates. Miraculously, even this does nothing to deter interest in his subject—possibly due to the depth of intimacy one has with it at this point.

Lo, the author achieves what he set out to: to deliver an engaging and inspiring masterpiece deserving of the highest praise. Investing one’s soul in their work is not always easy, nor is it common. But it is almost always worth it, as the appreciation this will no doubt garner will show.    

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