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More “Grave” Than “Gravity,” Matt Zoller Seitz Compels With “Gravity” Review

In response to Matt Zoller Seitz’s 1077‑word review of Gravity on

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Matt Zoller Seitz sets his sights on a higher meaning in his “Gravity” review, and the effect is unsettling in the best possible way. This is a review that takes its time, but in its best moments it’s a brilliant exercise in philosophy, critique, and most compellingly, expert storytelling.

Not that any less would be appropriate for the website of the world’s greatest reviewer—it’s just that Seitz’s take is decidedly his own, and when he dives deep he reaches the bottom of this ocean of wealth and brings back treasures.

Oftentimes, those treasures are painful reminders of things lost. The first act, which deals largely with emotional turmoil, implies the ultimate journey for every man; that into the great unknown beyond the mortal coil.

Seitz returns to the theme in Gravity, but not immediately. He’s content instead to direct his audience toward lush images and brief observances that each serve to tell their own story. The audience is placed into the pilot’s chair and made the main character, causing each word to sing or to sting in person.

By the feature’s end, we realize what the work is truly about, as an exceptional take on Latin roots unpacks what the audience had slowly become aware of: this review is not merely a piece of fluffy entertainment, but an invitation to consider what makes mankind tick, and what happens when man’s heart ticks its last.

It’s a review that asks tough questions; as such, it’s a review that audiences shouldn’t miss for the world.    

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