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Pete Hammond’s “The Counselor” Is a Grand, Fun Mess

In response to Pete Hammond’s video review of The Counselor on Movieline

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Pete Hammond’s “The Counselor Review” is a grand mess, and yet so much fun to watch.

Hammond comes across as apologetic; he’s actually sorry he doesn’t like the film, even though he clearly wants to, and is struggling to find something good to say about it. He goes so far as to say one scene in particular is “worth the price of admission.” Yet, ultimately he can’t recommend the film. The audience can decide for itself if paying the full ticket price is worth sitting through what is mostly dreck for the pleasure of that one scene.

If the review sounds convoluted, well, it is, and yet it’s compelling at the same time. Will Hammond finally come up with something concrete for the audience to latch onto? Will his kind words for the cast (with one notable exception) overcome his many reservations? Will he even figure out what is ultimately so bad about the film that he can’t recommend it? The suspense is palpable.

At one point early in his review, the critic declares that he doesn’t know what went wrong with this film, as if he wants the audience to help him out. It’s up to the reviewer, of course, to tell the audience what he thinks, then they can decide if they want to see the movie. But if Hammond still can’t seem to put his finger firmly on the problem, at least the audience has a good time watching him struggle.    

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