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Chris Cabin Isn’t Pleased in Joyless “Escape Plan” Effort

In response to Chris Cabin’s 532‑word review of Escape Plan on Slant Magazine

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Chris Cabin isn’t having much fun in his “Film Review: Escape Plan,” and neither will audiences, despite a moderately well-written piece that deserves credit for acute analysis.

Very little time is wasted on capitulation, as Film Review: Escape Plan launches into a litany of gripes that begins in the first sentence and continues, sentence by sentence, until the very last sentence—which contains precisely double the number of adverbs than the first.

Analysis is the name of the game in Cabin’s work, and if Film Review: Escape Plan has one strength, it’s the work’s ability to dissect and scrutinize. The microscope is powerful, and the watchful eye in control misses nothing.

The author does not mince words. If it is possible, he does the very opposite and uses an excess of words to describe just why he’s very frustrated indeed. One by one, every character in his work is rapped on the knuckles, and audiences will place their fists between their knees worrying that they’re next.

Readers might determine in spite of themselves that this type of in-your-face browbeating is actually kind of exciting.

In terms of entertainment value, however, the work falls apart. The tone of Film Review: Escape Plan is quite prickly, and it’s impossible to describe the diction without using the term irritatingly grandiloquent. Reading every word for its worth threatens sanity.

Was that bit of Latin misspelled? By this point, the audience won’t bother to hope.

For audiences that want four very thick paragraphs of shame-on-yous, this is precisely the review to read. For ones that want to be entertained, there are far better choices.    

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