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Ouch! Bob Mondello Painfully Describes a Film in “Chasing Money”

In response to Bob Mondello’s 394‑word review of Nebraska on NPR

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NPR you serious, Bob Mondello? The critic’s film summary, “Chasing Money, And Meaning In Nebraska,” is four paragraphs of description and a couple paragraphs of brief thoughts. One may come to the sad conclusion that Mondello might be better off reading bedtime stories than critiquing films—if effort is no longer important.

The first problem with Chasing Money is the absence of a clear statement. The critic could have at least tried to launch a gentle hook for the innocent reader, or anything that might resemble effort. One is force-fed plot summary and the feeling is awkward and slightly offensive.

After Mondello is done summarizing the film in Chasing Money, he informs the reader that Alexander Payne shot the film in black and white (good), and also manages to offer a line of analysis. One will feel warm inside, and prepare themselves for the final act.

The conclusion of Chasing Money is by far the highlight of the review, but Mondello only teases the poor audience with a reference.  One has to laugh at the absurdity of Bob Mondello’s Chasing Money, and hope the critic can learn how to work the audience.    

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