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Katherine Monk Is a Veteran Leader in “World in Gravity”

In response to Katherine Monk’s 759‑word review of Gravity on

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The outstanding delivery and pacing of Katherine Monk highlight “Bullock out of this world in Gravity.”

World In Gravity begins with a profound statement without coming across as corny, which is an amazing feat.

Monk will remind one of a veteran astronaut, about to take off, and offering wise words to those who will follow her. The command of the critic’s words are startling, and the pacing is superb by keeping the reader entertained, but also taking the time to expand on points and make the journey worthwhile.

World In Gravity bounces back and forth between the achievements of director Alfonso Cuaron, and the performance of the lead, Sandra Bullock. Monk refuses to fail her readers by merely communicating the basics, and instead weaves together a tale that flows like a peaceful river of cinema knowledge.

Katherine Monk’s handling of Cuaron’s accomplishments in World In Gravity is masterful. The critic does not merely acknowledge what is unique about the film, but effectively conveys to her readers why the tactics of the director work. The same goes for the performance of Bullock—the critic examines the physical performance, and does so by taking a fair approach.

World In Gravity requires a second reading. The hustle and flow of Katherine Mark is remarkable, and one will need to post the review on a wall to have it close at all times.    

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