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Dunn’s “I Give It a Year” Sinks

In response to Jamie Dunn’s 220‑word review of I Give It a Year on The Skinny

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**Meta-Spoiler Alert** Jamie Dunn’s review of I Give It a Year spoils certain potions of the film arguably one of its biggest flaws. However couple that with the writer holding back his disdain and the combination hurts the review worse than a swift kick to its proverbial crotch.

Yes, sorry folks Dunn apparently suffers a bit from verbal dysentery and feels the best way to critique a film is to spoil the ending within the second paragraph: quick someone get that man a Tums and a Gatorade.

To give a film 1 star out of five is an invitation to truly thrash said film, but our writer holds back for almost no particular reason.

The only enjoyable aspect of the review is the occasional dose of humor. These hint at the fury held beneath the words, and the frustration behind the star ranking. These jokes however sharpen the contrast and make the rest of the review seem withheld and boring.

This rapidly deflating balloon of a review starts off promisingly enough, but as time goes on that sound of flatulence accompanied by the hemorrhaging air are the sounds you will hear in your head. Truly this is an example of a review seeking to plumb the depths, but ultimately forgetting to resurface. As can be expected, it sinks.    

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