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Dann Gire Reminds That Midwest People Do Exist in “Payne Enters”

In response to Dann Gire’s 635‑word review of Nebraska on Daily Herald (IL)

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Dann Gire must be commended for taking a different approach with his latest piece of art, in which he seems to take on the identity of an Alexander Payne character of the Midwest by doing nothing. The critic’s latest piece of art, “With Nebraska, Payne enters state of hilarious seriousness,” is a reminder to readers that Gire is from the Midwest, and he also manages to produce a fine plot summary. Unfortunately, the idea of critique has been saved for another day.

Who exactly is Bruce Dern’s Woody? There are many answers to this question, however based on the content of With Nebraska, one will learn only that he is a character in a movie. Gire shows little understanding of character analysis, and simply refuses  to break down the main character or Will Forte’s David. What the critic does offer is a massive plot summary, and essentially informs the audience that things happen in the film.

At the beginning of With Nebraska, Gire offers a strange reference to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which is neither funny or relevant, other than it is indeed another film in theaters.

Gire references his home state of Illinois multiple times in With Nebraska, which will undoubtedly lead locals to experience multiple mindgasms. The sad reality of the review is that there is nothing for the review connoisseur to enjoy, or anyone else for that matter, unless one is from Illinois.

With Nebraska is a collection of words that do little more than let the reader know that Alexander Payne made a film. The few appearances of critique should not come as a surprise, and in the future, Gire should focus on writing a review that has more analysis than description.    

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