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Keith Phipps’s “Thor: The Dark World” Is Wonderful and Balanced

In response to Keith Phipps’s 1116‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on The Dissolve

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In “Thor: The Dark World” Keith Phipps maintains a fine balance between appreciating the Norse mythology underlying the movie and taking the filmmakers to task for the movie’s shortcomings.

Phipps, unlike so many other reviewers, comes across as that rarest of beasts: a reviewer who is a fan of comic books and superhero movies—not a worshipful fanboy, not a reviewer cum artiste whose insights are wasted on such noisy drivel, but a fan.

As such, Phipps does his readers the invaluable service of evaluating the movie out of the context of the slew of superhero movies released recently (some of them terrible). He also looks past the Marvel-movie-machine trappings to (pun-intended) marvel at the interesting historical events that led to a comic book and later a big budget effects-movie featuring a god that hasn’t been seriously worshiped in over a millennium.

But despite its author’s evident interest in the source material, this review doesn’t neglect to shine a harsh light when needed. Phipps makes sure to criticize the over complicated plot, the unnecessary minor characters,  and go-nowhere subplots. Where the review earns it money is pointing out the underwritten female roles—nothing new in macho superhero movies but rarely mentioned by reviewers too busy being superior.

Readers will find Keith Phipps’s review surprisingly educational—and refreshing after the millions of pixels of dismissive invective already written about Thor: The Dark World.    

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