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Greg Maki’s “REVIEW: ‘Gravity’ Is a Hollow, Lightweight Affair

In response to Greg Maki’s 343‑word review of Gravity on Star-Democrat (Easton, MD)

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Greg Maki doesn’t bring anything new to the table in his recent “REVIEW: ‘Gravity’. His critique is rote and is defined by a conservative, by-the-book approach. The lack of insight makes his review read more like a description, which while sporadically interesting, is far from engaging or enlightening.

The writing is perfectly serviceable, and the spoilers are thankfully kept to a minimum, but with the huge choir of voices singing the song of Gravity, Maki’s voice is completely drowned out.

REVIEW is so familiar that readers will be able to foresee every twist and turn long before they arrive. The familiar notes ring out, one by one, Alfonso Cuaron’s previous work, the technical wonder, the weaker aspects of plot and character. It’s all been done before and done much better than this. The work may not be exactly derivative, but it certainly is anything but original.

One notable aspect of the review is the way Maki employs the cliffhanger to substantial effect. In his shortest and most potent paragraph the critic actually manages to create a few sparks as the audience is successfully introduced to the story and given reason enough to still have a taste for the movie after completing the read. While not groundbreaking, it certainly works well here. Beyond that, there is very little in REVIEW that lends to an easy recommendation.    

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