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Devin Faraci’s “Ugh” Is Ugly When It’s Not Busy Being Ponderous

In response to Devin Faraci’s 1644‑word review of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug on Badass Digest

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The audience is going to have a tough time keeping their collective eyes from glazing over in Devin Faraci’s ponderous and overstuffed “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Movie Review: Ugh.” Saying that it’s hard to get through would be an understatement.

Two problems stand out in this piece. First is the critic’s decision to spend a lot time breaking down two scenes from the film. Sometimes focusing on a particular scene helps to illuminate the overall strengths or weaknesses of a movie. Such is not the case here. There’s over-analysis and then there’s overkill. Faraci is guilty of the latter. By the time these two parts of the overall piece are finished, it’s hard to remember what his problems with them were in the first place.

Second is the, quite frankly, nasty tone he takes with his criticism. It’s certainly not fun or witty in any way. Nor does it come across as smart film critiquing. What the reviewer does here is akin to throwing rotten fruit at the actors on a stage and watching (and even enjoying) their humiliation. It’s hard to seriously look at what he’s saying, no matter how valid, when his approach makes you feel like you’re part of a mugging.

There’s also a bit of profanity in an attempt to spruce things up. Profanity used well can do just that. Here it’s merely childish, further hindering the little credibility this piece might have engendered.

Bottom line: this piece is ugly and lacks any wit. Oh, and it’s way too long. Spending even a minute with Ugh is more than this effort deserves.    

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