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Jeffrey M. Anderson Fails to Transcend the Parental Review in “Nebraska”

In response to Jeffrey M. Anderson’s 540‑word review of Nebraska on Common Sense Media

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Jeffrey M. Anderson’s offering to parents of the world, “Nebraska,” is not necessarily loaded with critique, but delivers for the core audience. It’s a badly beautiful review that fails to dig deep for the average reader.

The introductory paragraph of Nebraska is fascinating. Anderson is simply looking out for the concerned mothers and fathers of the world, but one may become enthralled by the detailing of naughty words and alcohol. One will learn that there is “at least one f—k,” but the critic seems to be unsure if any more F-bombs were dropped.

The critic delivers one paragraph of plot summary in Nebraska, and the final section critiques the film with two paragraphs. The critic’s effort is simply not enough for those who crave a fine review, although the writing sparkles and Anderson communicates the basics with ease.

Jeffrey Anderson could transcend the parental review with a dedication to thorough critique. One can clearly see that the critic is capable in Nebraska, however the thin analysis fails to capture the attention of Joe Q. Reader. The introduction is somewhat amazing, but the world waits for the day when Anderson drops five or six paragraphs of pure insight on the reader.

Nebraska is memorable due to the mind-blowing introduction, but not beefy enough to be taken seriously outside the core demographic.    

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