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Joe Williams “Phony Fatalism” Is a Phony Critique. #Fugazi

In response to Joe Williams’s 419‑word review of Out of the Furnace on St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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To mail it in, to not mail it in. That is the question. When Joe Williams doesn’t enjoy a film, he typically mails it in and does exactly that, with vigor, in the amateur “Out of the Furnace is phony fatalism.”

Can there be an annual film criticism meeting twice a year in which effort is discussed? The amount of five minute reviews finding their way online is highly offensive and completely unacceptable.

Phony Fatalism is a phony critique. Williams manages to dance around analysis by complaining about the film without actually doing his job. Does the audience really care if there was eighteen producers on the film? To be fair, yes, there are probably a few, but the point of the a critique is to critique. Joe Williams waves his finger at the film and walks away. True film criticism.

To make matters worse, Williams reveals the fate of one of the main characters in his video clip. It may not seem important to one who has seen the film, but it’s just a reckless move that shows little respect for the audience. We get it, Williams—you didn’t like it. That’s not an excuse to ruin it for everybody else.

Joe Williams comes across as a jilted lover in Phony Fatalism who thinks about the perfect cutting text message, rather than contemplating why the relationship didn’t work.    

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