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Erik Davis’s Review of “Catching Fire” Offers High Praise, Intelligently

In response to Erik Davis’s 811‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on

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Erik Davis’s “Why ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Is This Year’s Best Blockbuster” is clearly enamored of the movie—and of Jennifer Lawrence. But there is an articulate, well-reasoned argument, including a consideration of how the movie compares with its young adult franchise peers such as “Twilight”, behind Davis’s enthusiasm.

To be sure, Why The Hunger Games praises Lawrence and her movie highly. Davis asserts that Lawrence not only did an excellent job reprising the role of Katniss but “her performance should also help revolutionize the way female characters are treated in big-budget blockbusters.”

Davis edges toward the hyperbolic in his praise, and readers would be forgiven if they doubted. One thing that can’t be doubted is the quality of analysis behind such praise. He is not some fanboy lusting after the current “It Girl” or wowed by a big special effects budget. Soberly, he admits the problems from the first movie and, indeed, the second, e. g. that parts of “Catching Fire” are rehashed (albeit effectively) from the first movie.

Davis’s concluding thought about the movie is applicable to his review of it: “this isn’t a movie that simply wants to satisfy its fanbase—it’s a movie that wants to be one of the best you’ve seen this year”. Why The Hunger Games might not be the best review you’ve read this year but that won’t be for lacking of aspiring.    

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