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“Nebraska” by Scott Tobias May Inspire Banksy-Like Street Art

In response to Scott Tobias’s 784‑word review of Nebraska on The Dissolve

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Aww, shucks. Scott Tobias writes a swell review with “Nebraska,” and it makes you want to stop at the local pool hall with the critic, pound a beer and talk some cinema.

Nebraska is visually alluring, as The Dissolve tends to be, and Tobias Fever will strike most readers early on with Good Time Charlie lines such as “You can take the boy out of the Midwest, but you can’t take the Midwest out of the boy.” There is such truth in the words of Tobias, and one may imagine the critic as the star of his own film as the greatest review-slinger of the prairie.

Scott Tobias understands that his audience needs to feel the Payne, and he smartly provides plenty of Alexander Payne material to ponder in Nebraska. The reflections are touching, and one shall update their Netflix queue thanks to the critic.

Sentiment is at the heart of Nebraska, and Tobias refrains from dropping too many knowledge bombs about the characters. One will appreciate the use of Hemingway’s “Iceberg Theory,” and tilt their head in admiration as the tender words of Tobias softly convey the inner beauty of the film. The conclusion of the critic’s work is poignant, and filled with perfect phrasing, much like the first paragraph. One may crave a glass of red wine after the reading and take time to reflect.

Nebraska by Scott Tobias is easily one of the better Nebraska reviews, and the critic might even inspire Banksy-like street art in his honor.    

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