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Dustin Putman’s “Review: Prisoners” Is a Compelling Eye-Bleeder

In response to Dustin Putman’s 1024‑word review of Prisoners on

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Dustin Putman’s “Review: Prisoners” is an engaging read, but the presentation of the review is horrible. Putman writes with a special texture to his language that is multi-layered, complex, and riveting, but the black background and white font of the review is ridiculously hard on the eyes.

While Putman’s language is mindful of sharing plot information, themes, moods, and character dynamics through a prism of colors that move far beyond black and white, he tragically fails to do the same thing for the review’s web-page.

If Putman were to don his handy-dandy thinking cap, he’d see there’s an easy answer to this gross oversight of presentation that even maintains the black background aesthetic: make the font bigger!

This review is on the long side, but in style and content, it earns every one of its captivating sentences. At initial glance, this Prisoners‘ review appears to travel on familiar turf, but Putman does such an excellent job of interlacing plot information that it travels into new territory that many readers are apt to find refreshing, if not all together exciting.

There are readers who may prefer shorter, tidier, and ultimately less analytical reviews, but due to its presentation, most if not all readers will prefer to avoid this review. Putman’s insightful and well-crafted review could be worth reading, but as it is—it’s an eye-bleeder.    

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