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Kurt Loder’s “Prisoners” Digs Deep, Sets the Bar High

In response to Kurt Loder’s 727‑word review of Prisoners on Reason Online

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Kurt Loder’s “Prisoners” is as good as readers would imagine it would be. Loder is a seasoned vet at this game and knows how to produce fresh reviews without spoiling it all for the readers.

Loder paints a picture for readers that gives them the inevitable truth—this film will get to them. The brilliance of Loder’s vernacular finesse is that readers can challenge his words and see if what he says is actually true. This level of audience interaction is reserved for only the best of the best.

The plot is tackled and Loder is keen to not give away pivotal moments of the film. Instead, his descriptions of various situations add mystery for the readers and create level of suspense that will carry over.  While others go back and forth with their positions, Loder has a clear view of what he wants to say and how he wants to say it.

Loder is brutally honest in the most intellectual of ways and it does not go unnoticed. While he questions certain aspects of the film, he leaves just enough space for any other critical eyes to debate what he says. This openness is a somewhat rare attribute that sets “Prisoners” apart.  Loder is a master of his craft.    

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