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Tom Glasson’s “Dark World” Is Average but May Result in a Nickname

In response to Tom Glasson’s 442‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Concrete Playground

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Tom Glasson’s latest construction, “Thor: The Dark World,” is… well, something? The critic discusses Loki and humor of the film, but his devoted fans may end up weeping by the end of the review.

Dark World begins with a meditation on the Marvel franchise, and sums up everything that has happened in the last year (in case you were under a rock). By the second paragraph, Glasson serves up a brief synopsis of the first film along with a summary of the second. Now you’re two paragraphs in, and not much has happened. Where is the Glasson sizzle?

The highlight of Dark World may be Glasson use’s of “clusterfuck.” It comes as a surprise, and the critic may gain a few followers due to the well-placed word. One can hope the usage doesn’t backfire resulting in the the critic being known as Clusterfuck Glasson. The nickname could be embraced, but would be looked down upon in most circles.

Glasson’s review is decent, but there is nothing too exciting about the brief analysis of Loki and the humor in the film. The general reader may walk away with something to think about, but for all the Thor nerds in the world, one would think that Glasson might deliver an epic review. Sadly, it doesn’t happen.

Dark World is an average outing from Tom Glasson, but we all know there will be plenty more Marvel films to write about.    

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