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Beware of the Berardinelli Blaze in James Berardinelli’s “Games, The”

In response to James Berardinelli’s 1068‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on ReelViews

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Hoo-ah! James Berardinelli’s writing is straight-up smoldering in the fantastic “Hunger Games, The: Catching Fire.” One should remain at a safe distance from their screen and read with caution. Beware of the Berardinelli Blaze.

Games, The is an intellectual work that poses broader questions for the audience. Berardinelli’s introductory paragraph addresses the state of young adult literature, and acknowledges the power of the latest  Hunger Games flick, and how it  transcends the genre. It’s a beautiful open, and the critic is only heating up.

Berardinelli paints an amazing portrait of Katniss in Games, The. One will learn of the mental effects on the lead character, and the critic addresses the social issues that are depicted through the fame of Katniss. One will truly receive a thorough look as JB builds on his argument with deep reflections on love, honor and destiny. It’s a moving experience, and may cause some to desire a midnight viewing.

One major flaw of Games, The is Berardinelli’s lack of thought on the direction of newcomer Francis Lawrence. The absence is forgivable simply because of the overall completeness of the review, and fine detailing of the supporting cast. The critic has created a spectacular piece of art that makes one contemplate bigger ideas.

Games, The is essential reading. James Berardinelli’s writing is explosive, and co-workers are advised to stay at a distance while the critic works.    

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