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Tara Brady’s “Thor: The Dark World” Is Valley Girl and Careless

In response to Tara Brady’s 342‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Irish Times

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Here is a good idea for a review: don’t misspell the name of the lead actor! Chris Helmsworth? Tara Brady’s  snark-filled critique, “Thor: The Dark World,” is truly a weak effort, and Thor nerds may take issue with the utter disregard for the main character.

Readers may become concerned when Brady opens Thor: The with “HHH.” The introductory paragraph is a good time, but the pseudo-analysis continues on in the three brief paragraphs that follow. Brady clearly didn’t like the film, and appears to be unable to write a legitimate review because of that.  

The writing in Thor: The is somewhat “Valley Girl.” “The stuff in Asgard” and “the jokey stuff” could possibly have been tightened up. Or is that the style? Laid-back and not quite interested, but willing to write? Thor maniacs will love this line: “There was some controversy about what was good and what was bad about Kenneth Branagh’s Thor.” Intriguing.

Brady closes out Thor: The with a paragraph on Asgard and another on the humor of the film. Never does the critic address the actual performances, and only offers fleeting comments on the main players. The writing is solid despite the use of “stuff” but ultimately Brady seems disinterested.

Thor: The describes the basics, but provides little analysis unless it’s called “jokey stuff.”   

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