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Joe William’s “Thor” Get Dragged Down by Its Presentation

In response to Joe Williams’s 388‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Joe Williams needs to have a talk with the web designers at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. His review is hopelessly lost in the chaos of pop up ads and automatically playing videos, which bombard you from all angles and make reading a mind-numbing chore. This is the trend of late, and newspaper outlets are especially guilty, but the Post-Dispatch is making a case for being the most egregious offender the world has yet seen in this category.

It’s a shame, because Williams’s review is excellent. He’s got a gift for tonal balance and his refreshing prose keeps things moving at a beautiful pace, never for a moment letting things get dry or boring. This critic can be downright hilarious, but not in a jokey, cheesy way. Williams’s humor comes out of wonderfully witty turns of phrase served up with deliciously wry observations.

While the review could have used a little more criticism and a little less witticism, he’s spot on with his critique. The sequel “spreads enough love” to “make us forget that the hero is just a glorified quarterback from somebody else’s favorite team.”

The writing here is so fresh and crisp, it’s an absolute joy to read and may even warrant multiple readings to fully appreciate.    

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