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Adam Lee Davies’s “Ender’s Game Review” Cuts Through Novel and Film

In response to Adam Lee Davies’s 568‑word review of Ender’s Game on Little White Lies

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Adam Lee Davies’s “Ender’s Game Review” cuts to the core. Davies, in this scathing review, makes it apparent from the very first lines about snotty children how the tone of this review will play out.

If readers ever wanted to know exactly how a reviewer felt about a film, Davies’s Game Review is a perfect place to start. He comes out of the gate, guns blazing about the plotline, the acting, the poorly written book as a whole. Davies does this in a way that is entertainingly biting.

To set the scene about the type of book the film is based on, Davies likens it to a professional military “must read”. This gives the reader who has never read the book an idea of something strict, stiff, unfeeling. In this way Davies really grips his audience, luring them into believing his image of the novel and film.

Continuing through the review, Davies uses other literary devices such as rhetorical questions to capture the confused essence of character that he himself felt while watching the film. He finds success in doing so when he gives an example of potential character identities for the lead, Ender Wiggin, and then in parenthesis questions that state of reality. This adds a bit of comic relief to the rather heavy beating this critique is giving.

Overall, a brutal review but seemingly honest. One of the better negative reviews out there.    

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