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Chris Cabin’s “Ender’s Game” Is Cool Jazz of the Keystroke

In response to Chris Cabin’s 616‑word review of Ender’s Game on Slant Magazine

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Chris Cabin’s “Ender’s Game” is somewhat of a mystery since he breaks down the film in such a comprehensive way, but fails to address the lead performance of Asa Butterfield or even mention co-star Hailee Steinfeld.

Cabin’s Ender’s Game offers intrigue with the opening paragraph that sets the tone for the outstanding review. Cabin doesn’t adhere to the classic review structure, which will allow one to forgive the absence of character analysis. However, when the critic closes out the introduction with thoughts on the film’s lack of a personal tone it mirrors his own review.

Cabin’s Ender’s Game is all critique. Never does Cabin carry on about the plot without adding a personal touch. The critic breaks down every aspect of the plot and even reveals a few spoilers that one could do without.  One may be disappointed but not destroyed.

Cabin makes excellent points on the roles of male and female characters in Ender’s Game, but never gets too specific. Readers may feel that he doesn’t need to delve any deeper, given the thematic deconstruction, however the reader generally desires to learn a little about the lead performance.

Cabin’s Ender’s Game is a cool jazz, and should be enjoyed with fine wine. A higher truth may be revealed after several readings.    

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